Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Five Things # 5

I like doing these blog posts because they keep me on the lookout for the little things that make me happy. Sometimes really small things do bouy me up! How about you? What things keep you inspired? Here are some things making me happy recently.

An eiffel tower that's been on my keychain since high school. It's a sturdy little thing, so I honestly have no idea how it got bent up like that.

A picturesque lilac door I found in our shed. I LOVE this door. Perfect for a best friends/family/couples photoshoot.

A Santa head ornament. We have about 20 of these on our tree, and it struck me the other day how macabre and creepy these ornaments are!

Writing in the notes on a tricky piece I need to learn for church. When you gotta learn things in a hurry and you have 4 pages of 16th notes, the pencil is your best friend. 

A sweet little initialed compact mirror my roommate gave me for Christmas. Narcissism to go! Love it! :)

Now that I'm DONE WITH MY FIRST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL (WOOHOO!!!) I may finally get around to taking pictures of some of the beautiful old homes in the area. I look forward to that post, I've been meaning to get to it all semester. Love to you all!


Greg and Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so proud of you! You are so awesome! I loved your "5 things" of (yesterday) - did your little eiffel tower get caught in a car door by any chance? Mine did - and got its legs bent looking like yours....I am so excited to see you in a week! Please please please come stay at Mom and Dad's house alot, so we can see you often! I love you!

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