Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Five Things # 5

I like doing these blog posts because they keep me on the lookout for the little things that make me happy. Sometimes really small things do bouy me up! How about you? What things keep you inspired? Here are some things making me happy recently.

An eiffel tower that's been on my keychain since high school. It's a sturdy little thing, so I honestly have no idea how it got bent up like that.

A picturesque lilac door I found in our shed. I LOVE this door. Perfect for a best friends/family/couples photoshoot.

A Santa head ornament. We have about 20 of these on our tree, and it struck me the other day how macabre and creepy these ornaments are!

Writing in the notes on a tricky piece I need to learn for church. When you gotta learn things in a hurry and you have 4 pages of 16th notes, the pencil is your best friend. 

A sweet little initialed compact mirror my roommate gave me for Christmas. Narcissism to go! Love it! :)

Now that I'm DONE WITH MY FIRST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL (WOOHOO!!!) I may finally get around to taking pictures of some of the beautiful old homes in the area. I look forward to that post, I've been meaning to get to it all semester. Love to you all!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Things

It's been a good few days! There are always things around us to brighten up tough spots. Here are a few things that have been keeping me enthused. :)

I found Green Gables in my town. "Marilla!"

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas at my house. :) I thank my roommate Holly for her gorgeous seasonal decor.

A really beautiful willow Nativity set (also Holly's). What special pieces.

My favorite ornaments on our tree: deep red crystals and fun berries (beads? berries sounds better).

My hand. Haha, let me explain. Wearing my CTR ring on my pointer finger feels cool  and reminds me of my childhood. So, yeah, this one is really dumb, but this blog is all about what makes me happy, alright? And I just won't apologize for that. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

This weekend I got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to volunteer with the LDS church to clean up after hurricane Sandy in East Brunswick, New Jersey. It was such a humbling experience. I was shocked that there was still so much destruction one month later. We spent the weekend ripping up floors and drywall that had molded and made houses uninhabitable. I was astonished at the optimism of the people. I expected them to be bitter against God. Rather, they thanked God for what had been spared and the little miracles that had happened. One touching example: a woman's house had flooded with 5 feet of water, so she had to get a whole new first level. When we ripped up the walls, we found there were termites in her wood. So now she gets a new, termite-free house because of the hurricane! Small blessings have the power to take the sting out of large hardships.

I have so many stories, but pictures tell better than words I think. Here are some snapshots from this weekend of service. We had about 125 people from our stake go up. So inspiring and fun!

A lonely boat in a field. It had floated there with the 13 foot waves!

Ripping up rotten drywall and flooring.

Masks to protect from dust and mold. Love these girls, Rachel and Kathryn!

A HUGE boat crane to lift washed up boats over the road and into a parking lot where people can claim them. We cleared the yard above in a day - lots of random shoes and telephone poles, bottles and so many tennis balls! I guess New Jerseyans love their tennis.

A long shot of the junk and wood we removed from the yard.

A common sight in the neighborhoods of NJ. Piles and piles of furniture, books, clothes, drywall and broken tile. 

This picture is crazy. A guy had 3 boats and a washed up dock in his backyard. One of them he recognized the name of - it was his friend's! Imagine that phone call. 

Alisha breaking up floors like a boss.

Another boat.

Working in the crawlspace.

Some of the gang, being cheezy and frozen.

It was a sobering, humbling, life-changing experience. I love the church, I am so proud to be a member and I am grateful for the good people all over the world. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walk With Trina - And a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Trina and I had a really fun nature walk the other morning. It was fun to spend time with her! We gathered leaves and made leaf pictures.

This was supposed to be a turkey next to a cornucopia. It looks more like a stegasaurus. It's a turkosauras.

A poor little abandoned orange bear someone had stuck in the fencing.

The stretching post!

Sisters! Love Trina's spunk and original sense of humor.

The lovely W&OD. This used to be a railroad and has since been converted into a fantastic path used by runners, bikers, and walkers like us. Bunnies are also there (we saw one).

Helping Dad do wood on Thanksgiving Day! Classic. See those logs? Yeah, we rolled those. Up hills. They are like 80 pounds! Dad's amazing. End of story, and Happy Thanksgiving! There's a lot to be grateful for. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Melting Time

My roommate has been decorating lately. She recently had a house fire. Both important bits of info for this post. When this clock appeared, I did a double take, thinking it had melted in the fire.

Upon closer inspection, I realized it's supposed to be that way! I had to laugh. The idea was probably taken from this painting by Salvador Dali:

image via
It's called, "The Persistence of Memory," and it's probably one of the only painting the general population of BYU students who took Humanities 101 remember years later. :) Maybe that's what this guy was going for. At least he's been immortalized by a clock.

Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things

It's been a nice day. :) There's a lot to be grateful for, even if sometimes it's hard for me to see! Here are some things that have been keeping me happy and inspired lately.

Watching one of my top 25 favorite movies, Now Voyager. This movie strangely draws you in! My roommate came in halfway through, sat down, and stayed! I love it when people do that. :)

Running into a random free car show outside of the international Spy Museum. These cars are called trabants, and apparently it was the only car allowed in East Germany before the wall fell. There were a whole bunch of them, in bright different colors, but this one was my favorite. Can you guess why?

Pit stop at Cafe Rio on the way home. Of course.

A beautiful, really tall (maple?) in my backyard. It's made for a lot of raking this season, and, as you can probably tell, will continue to do so in the future!

A cunning cast-iron horse bell that hangs on our side porch. Our house is super old, so maybe this was to wake up the neighborhood in case there was a fire. I don't know.

Happy weekend! Hope you can catch the meteor shower. I'm going to try climbing up onto my roof to see it. We'll see how that goes. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Need An Interpreter of Dreams #2

Another WACKO dream last night. I think it's kind of fun to chronicle these, because dreams that are so vivid minutes after you awake are practically impossible to remember the next day. I have one exception: when I was (6?) I dreamed that I was very poor and was trick-or-treating with my siblings. We wore potato sacks, and knocked on the door of a tent. A large owl answered, and he took us inside to see King Trident. We talked to him on the edge of a green cliff. Then an animated red and blue snake bit off Dan's arms, and he turned into a cobra.

Yeah. That one's never gonna leave me.

Anyways, about last night's subconscious adventure.

image via
It was dark, and I was alone on the curve of the driveway. I saw a raccoon in front of me, but for some reason I couldn't run away! (You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about). So, I took out my iPhone and turned on the flashlight app. I shone it in his eyes, which worked for a while. But he wasn't scared for long and started approaching me, growling. I was TERRIFIED. So, obviously, I turned my iPhone into a glowing spoon and threw it into the woods. The raccoon chased it. I remember thinking, "Snap, Dad's gonna be so mad" while the critter ran after my iSpoon. I mean iPhone.

Anyways, the only part of that I could connect to my day was using the flashlight app to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. Our brain does weird and wonderful things on its time off!

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